Winning S/S 16 Collection: Stygian

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Revealing TFI’s Winning S/S 16 Collection: Stygian

Let this thunder herald your end.

(Toronto, Canada) – October 1st, 2015, – Serean Bechara, the designer behind avant-garde headpiece label Aphotic debuts her Spring/Summer 2016 collection ‘Stygian’ at the Press and Buyers Tradeshow for World MasterCard Fashion Week. The designer was fortunate to be a part of Toronto Fashion Incubator’s ‘Fashion Your Future’ accessory entrepreneurship boot camp where she established herself as a highly innovative designer which won her a place in the show.

Bechara uses her passion for innovation and storytelling to create her illusionary and transcendent collection ‘Stygian’. Inspired by the interior architecture of the abandoned Hellingly Asylum in Britain. An opulent interior where cruelty and inhumane means of treatment were used, she incorporates the idea of something beautiful coming from an unbelievably dark state. Also inspired by paranoid personality disorder in the way that the building has become deformed from arson and vandalism, she carries the idea of the distortion and organized chaos throughout her pieces. These dramatic headpieces range from $230-$790 retail, and the Aphotic woman is fashion-forward and eccentric who uses her personal style to express herself. She is unafraid. To these women, Bechara says, “I will set the world on fire, for you.”

Aphotic’s debut collection will be showcased on October 21st and 22nd at Toronto Fashion Incubator’s Press and Buyers tradeshow for World MasterCard Fashion Week. Everything is open to perception, and she invites you to come to the event, and welcomes you to her TFI booth for a union of art and fashion.


TFI Press and Buyers Tradeshow

Location: David Pecaut Square, Toronto, Ontario – World MasterCard Fashion Week

Date: October 21st – 22nd, 2015

Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm